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1 Aug 2019 Version 9.5.1
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Innovation Awards
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Version 9.5.1
HVAC Solution 9.5.1 included videos available on our YouTube page.

HVAC Solution 9.4.3 added these new features

Added HPT single and dual stream air-to-air energy recovery selection.

*  Allow user to override the default fixture data.

*  Changed air handlers and rooftop units to only include coil loads in the heating and cooling sections and renamed those selections.

*  When importing, put coil leaving dry bulb/wet bulb into space cooling air data.

*  Revised pipe flow directions calculation.

*  Revised calculation when using grilles, registers and diffusers.

*  Revised calculation of extraction/injection well pair heat source-sink type.

*  Revised calculation with temperature values at the edge of the psychrometric chart.

HVAC Solution 9.3.1 added these features:

*  Added Patterson-Kelley HiDRA water heater selection.

*  Added Axiom DMF150 glycol feeder.

*  Hands Down Software Psychrometric Chart Update.

*  Added extraction/injection well pair type for heat source-sink, including deep well submersible pump.

*  Changed "Insert Duplicate Schematic Component" feature to allow for multiple components.

*  Displacement ventilation calculation update with Price Diffuser Automatic Selection.

*  Added controls connect point to some valves.

*  Speed up the insertion of domestic and DWV fixtures.

*  Revit 2019 Update.

HVAC Solution 9.2.3 added these new features:

Added Hands Down Software psychrometric charts and calculations.

*  Added Air/Fluid-to-Fluid heat pump.

*  Added quantities to fans.

*  Added Recovery/Delivery refrigerant coils.

*  Added support for Revit 2019.

*  Allow the space cooling air temperature to be set by sensible heat ratio, WB or RH.

*  Added displacement ventilation.

*  Enhanced CHVAC import to include data for displacement ventilation calculations.

*  Added displacement diffusers with Price selection.

*  Added preferred minimum size for single duct terminal units.

*  Added Single Stream Air-to-Air Energy Recovery.

*  Split "Existing" classification to "Existing to Remain" and "Existing to be Demolished"; changed how "Existing" classification components and connectors are displayed; added menu to change classification.

*  Added a structural schedule.

*  Revised changing of medium on components with duplicate coil component.

*  Revised recovery coils to get the space target temperature if upstream of the space.

HVAC Solution 9.1.2 added these new features.

*  Newly added furnace component with natural gas, propane and electric heating options as well as refrigerant cooling options.
*  Added propane and natural gas unit heaters.
*  Added a packaged fluid heat pump coil.
*  Added selection of Siemens pressure independent control valves.
*  Enhanced the editing of linked data.  Under File/Import  you will see "Update Data Link".  This will bring up a new interface which allows you to update your load Trane Trace and Elite CHVAC data.
*  You can now turn on/off the display of the detailed component toolbar and just have the compact toolbar shown.
*  Tweaked calculations for designing systems with hydronic heaters.
*  Update LoadMatch systems with complex piping arrangements.
*  Added more detail to the Patterson-Kelley duration indirect water heaters pictures.

HVAC Solution 9.0.1 added these new features.

*  Added extra tiers to the component toolbar.
*  Added spreadsheet view for editing data.
*  Selection of Cook fans.
*  Selection of Griswold valves.
*  Allow starting a connector by clicking on an unused connect point.
*  Selection of Bray valves.
*  Added Viessmann boiler and water heater/boiler selection.
*  Allow the user to prefer even size terminal units over odd size.
*  Added fluid to fluid heat pumps with heat source and heat recovery heat pumps and chillers to the hydronic wizards.
*  Selection of Paterson Kelly boilers.

Version 8.4.1 added these features:

*  Added Cook fan selection.
*  Added Patterson-Kelley boiler, water heater, and indirect water heater selection.
*  Added Taco 2-way and 3-way control valve selection.
*  Added Bray 2-way and 3-way control valve selection.
*  Added Griswold pressure independent control valve, 2-way control valve, 3-way control valve, and balancing valve selection.
*  Added new Aermec chiller type selection (NYB and WWM).
*  Updated Titus active chilled beam selection code.
*  Added mixing storage tank option to the hyronic system wizard.
*  Changed single straight lines to allow for multiple segments with other than 90 degree angles.
*  Changed Viega protective end cap quantity to 0.
*  Show total pipe length in the Bill of Materials in addition to the total units.
*  Renamed Duct Joint component to Duct Expansion Joint; renamed Pipe Joint component to Pipe Fitting; used Pipe Fitting component to select Viagra compression fittings and protective end cap for insulated pipe.
*  Updated the action of increasing the number of ports on a hydronic manifold.
*  Updated connection of exhaust fan for certain fan types.
*  Add to total MCA option for fan coils and indoor VRF units; add to schedule
*  Added additional word wrapping on Excel spreadsheets.

8.3.2 added these new features:

*  Added support for Revit 2018

*  Added Additional AERCO selection:  SmartPlate single wall indirect water heater, AM Series boiler, AM Series and AMR Series water heater, Benchmark Platinum and MFC dual return boiler.

*  Added additional Viega products:  Insulated Barrier PEX (single and dual), Viagra INsulated Barrier PEX protective end caps, wall penetration seals, hydronic manifolds, compression adapter, compression coupling with insulation kit.

*  Combined hydronic wizard schematics when the heating and cooling source is the same.

*  Allow tees to be added to the bill of materials.

*  Allow connectors to be a single, straight line.

*  Ensure hood connection is pointing down.

*  Changed how the coordination flags properties are handled, now works better with HI Res monitors.

*  Updated pipe cost data.

*  Updated calculation of head paths with headers and manifolds.

*  Updated calculation of loads with headers and manifolds.

*  Updated the Variable Speed Drives with controls viewport.

*  Updated connection directions on heat exchanger pictures involving steam.

*  Updated CHVAC import in detecting the building row.


*  Added domestic pipe pressure annotation.

*  Updated the calculation of head loss path for primary/secondary systems with multiple primary pumps.

*  Updated the calculation of leaving pressure for a domestic booster pump.

*  Updated the calculation of the loads of a VRF heat recovery outdoor unit when getting loads from multiple VRF branch units.


*  Added a VRF Tool Bar with outdoor and indoor units as well as branch selectors.

*  Added ability to reorder coils in air handler wizards.

*  Added ability to lock the position of project objects.

*  Added option to show control points in diagrams other than just the controls viewpoint.

*  Added a feature called "Show Associated Equipment", which gives the user the ability to show pressure paths and volume components without going into properties.

*  Added ability to set components to either top view or side view instead of just toggling.

*  Added domestic check valve, strainer, indicator, sensor, test port, pipe expansion joint, relief valve and back flow preventer valve.

*  Added pipe joint for domestic, DWV, refrigerant and VRF.

*  Allow "Select Only" when editing multiple objects.

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